5 Cool coffee shops in Washington DC

While we all love the delicious 100% kona coffee we had on our trip(s) to Hawaii, having coffee that delicious on hand all the time is unreasonable (especially here on the eastern seaboard).

But there are several cool coffee shops in Washington DC. If you plan to travel to the area, then it is time for you to carry out your research and know the best places. Some of the things you need to check out include the type of coffee services and the environment in general. Remember there are different types of coffee beans available. It is better for you to carry out background checks and know the best place where you will have a particular type of coffee served.

Cool coffee shops in Washington DC:

1. Compass Coffee

The shop was opened by two Marines who returned from Afghanistan and decided to start roasting their coffee beans. The cafe is lit naturally and spacious for you to enjoy your coffee. It is among the best places in Washington DC where you can relax with your loved ones and enjoy time as you drink quality coffee. The owners travel around the world to select the best coffee beans. You can access a wide variety of blends for you to enjoy your evening. They have more than nine blends from different parts of the world for you to enjoy your big day.


2. Baked & Wired

If you are looking for a place where you will be served the best espresso and other coffee drinks, baked and wired offers you an exclusive experience. There are great cupcakes to accompany your cup of coffee. Coffee beans at the shop are collected from different parts of the world. You will access beans from Stumptown, PT’s, Intelligentsia, Elixir and other high-end coffee roasters.


3. Dolcezza

The shop is known for its exclusive gelato flavors. The coffee program is a big deal for you if you will like to travel to Washington and enjoy coffee. Coffee beans are sourced from Stumptown coffee roasters to offer you a great experience. You can choose single origin or even go for pour over coffee. The nitrogen infused drinks at the coffee shop brings out the appearance of Guinness.


4. Maketto

If you are looking for a coffee shop in Washington DC where you will enjoy great efficiency, the coffee shop offers all for you to enjoy. The Erik Bruner and Maketto offer a cafe and bar-restaurant hybrid experience. It is a Japanese inspired cafe which serves fresh pastries and vigilante coffee. The pastries are freshly baked in the house. Frankie bakery in the house is known to bake quality foods which travelers enjoy with their quality coffee drinks.


5. Peregrine Espresso

The cafeteria is located towards the eastern market. The owner Ryan Jensen is a coffee addict. He has spent several years working in coffee preparation. He has been working in coffee companies since he was in college. He knows what it takes for you to have the right coffee in Washington DC. The shop has won several awards in barista competitions. There are several locations of the chain in the city. You will find them in the Eastern Market, 114th street, Union market among other places. They source their single origin coffee from different markets. The coffee classes offered to students help develops the culture of coffee in Washington DC.